Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated in Huntsville, AL

At Huntsville Animal Clinic, our veterinarian in Huntsville, AL, is here to help pet owners get the care they need for the type of issues their pet is suffering from. Our animal clinic can treat a range of conditions so your pet can get back to living his carefree life. Some of the conditions we treat at our animal hospital include the following:

Pet Allergies

Your pet might suffer from allergies that cause him to itch or sneeze constantly. We can evaluate your pet for potential allergies, and we can work with you to develop an allergy treatment plan.

Parasite Prevention

Fleas, ticks, and other parasites can put your pet at risk for serious illnesses. Our animal clinic can help provide a variety of parasites prevention methods to help keep your pet safe and healthy.

Disease Early Treatment/Prevention with Vaccinations and Wellness Exams

We may recommend vaccinations and wellness exams to help ensure your pet is staying healthy. We can also check for any potential health issues that may need ourattention. If your pet needs medical care, our veterinarian in Huntsville is here to help. We are committed to providing the right kind of care so your pet can stay happy and healthy.

Digestive Issues

Both dogs and cats can have digestive issues that cause diarrhea, vomiting, or loss of appetite. We can examine your pet and provide a diagnosis so we can create a treatment plan.

Skin Issues

Itchy, red, or scaly skin can be a sign that your pet is suffering from allergies, infections, or other skin conditions. We offer various treatments to improve your pet's skin, from flea and tick prevention to other options.

Pain Management

If your pet is exhibiting signs of pain, we will evaluate them and provide an appropriate treatment plan to help ease their discomfort. This might include medications or lifestyle advice.

Dental Issues

Dental issues can cause major health issues if left untreated. We can provide different dental care services to help your pet maintain a healthy mouth, including cleanings, extractions, and more.

Visit Our Vet at Our Animal Hospital

Our veterinarian in Huntsville, AL, provides pet care to help make sure you pet is healthy. We understand how important it is for your pet to get the right kind of pet care. We strive to ensure that our pet patients receive the care they need every time they visit. Call us today to schedule your appointment. Call us at (256) 534-5581 for our vet at Huntsville Animal Clinic.


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    The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, honest, caring and very reasonably priced. Dr. Jackson and her staff are passionate about helping animals and it shows.

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