Flea and Tick Prevention

We at Huntsville Animal Clinic in Huntsville, AL, understand flea and tick prevention for your pet. Our team provides professional, safe, and effective prevention products to help protect your pet from disease. Our animal hospital is a vet clinic in the Huntsville region determined to help keep your pet healthy and safe.

One of the most important responsibilities of a pet owner is to keep his or her pet safe from harm, illness, and disease. This includes providing flea and tick prevention.

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 Symptoms of Tick & Flea Issues

Should you notice any indication of ticks or fleas on your pet, it’s a good idea to get him treatment. Monitor your pet closely for any signs of oncoming illness.

The following are signs of a flea and tick problem with your pet:

    • Restlessness
    • Constant head shaking
    • Skin twitching
    • Excessive itching, scratching, biting, or licking
    • Flea dirt in your pet’s fur
    • Flea eggs in your pet’s fur
    • Hair loss
    • Scabs

Complications of Severe Tick & Flea Infestation

Complications of a severe infestation of ticks or fleas occur when early signs have been ignored or untreated. Infestation is a painful affliction that doesn’t have to happen. Discuss affordable prevention options with a veterinarian on our team so your pet doesn’t have to suffer.

The following are complications that may develop from a tick or flea infestation:

    • Anemia
    • Loss of appetite
    • Fever
    • Swollen joints
    • Excessive blood loss
    • Lyme disease
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Depression

Tick & Flea Prevention

There are a few preventative steps you can take at home to help stop ticks and fleas from affecting your pet. Getting preventative medication is the best way to keep your pet safe in most circumstances.

These are some preventative steps you can take at home:

    • Keep your yard cut short and free of clippings.
    • Wash bedding regularly.
    • Vacuum carpets and rugs often.
    • Brush your pet’s fur.
    • Check your pet’s skin after an outdoor outing.

Get Vet Care from a Veterinarian at Our Animal Clinic

We at Huntsville Animal Clinic in Huntsville, AL, can be your tick and flea prevention veterinarian. We care about your pet and keeping him protected from parasites that might threaten his health and well-being. If your pet has itchy, irritated skin or bites from ticks and fleas, give us a call. We can help.

Contact our friendly staff to schedule your pet’s appointment today. Call us at (256) 534-5581 for more information from our animal clinic. Our animal hospital is here to help.


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